I have been doing commissions since 1994. I have worked to a diverse range of briefs,  necessitating a versatile response and interpretation, plus an ability to work with a wide range of materials. I have worked in China three times, the last, (Zhongkun Group, Beijing, 2007) I created a carved relief based on a poem. More recently I have worked closer to home, Lewisham Council, completing woodcarvings for refurbished parks. I liaise with visual art officers and Landscape Architects, select logs - recycled - felled from local parks. A recent brief, to complete two sculptures based on the life of Margaret McMillan (Margaret McMillan Park in Deptford), I carried out local history research, then sketched ideas and created two models, the subsequent carvings were sited, to the agreed schedule. A similar project for Lewisham, (Cornmill Gardens, 2007) the park one a series of awards. 

Some projects have demanded all the work is done on site, (Warwick Gardens 2010) liaising 
with local community groups I designed, carved and managed the sighting of the work. 

All commissions have their own unique problems, Alcatel Ferry Steps, 2001, the steps were 
carved in my studio, I also managed their subsequent sighting/construction, on the bank of 
the Thames at East Greenwich but this could only be carried out at low tide.

I am currently working on a Commission for Lewisham.

Commission for Baltimore Wharf

All carved from Oak wood in 2017 for Baltimore Wharf, London Docklands

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All constructed from hamhill stone for Monk's Garden Lesnes Abby, Abby Wood, Bexleyheath. There are three different dimensions, 1.4m high, 1.2m and 1.1m.


Charlotte Turner Gardens,

Deptford, Greenwich, London


A chrildren's play area, I carved a ship's figurehead based on a viking figurehead. And a sea monster and stepping logs with local children's designs carved onto them

all carved from various woods.

Fordham Park

New Cross, London


3 totems carved from London plane trees. After a public consultation it was decided that I should do one totem based on people's portraits from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The second totem feature's the word 'welcome' in many languages and the third totem is based on ships that have been of importance to the local area.

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Margaret McMillan Park

Deptford, London


Both sculptures are a memorial to the pioneering work of Margaret McMillan in the field of nursery education

Playhorse is based on toys, she believed that play was very important in education.

History Tree tells the story of her life with quotes from books she wrote on education carved in the uppermost branches.

Wood sourced locally from community parks.

Warwick Gardens

Peckham, London


This piece was commissioned to create a recreation area for the local community, it is carved from a mixture of wood for both play and seating

Carved from a mixture of wood, all recycled from local sources. 

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Zhongkum Group

Beijing, China


Last man

A relief carving based on a poem called The Last Man for the foyer of the Zhongkum Group based in Shanghai? Or Beijing 

Carved out of marble.

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Cornmill Gardens

Lewisham, 2007

Three totemic wood carvings made from ash and lime.

Having been cut down from the site during its development, the wood was salvaged and repurposed into depictions of the type of water mills which used to line the river Ravensbourne, between Deptford and Lewisham.

The three totems are of a cornmill, a mill for a tannery and a mill for an armourer.

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Royal Woolwich Arsenal

Greenwich, 2002

2 of 5 granite carvings placed on Woolwich arsenal gardens next to the thames river.

One of them is called Gold Iron and Bronze, this depicts objects of different peridos of settlement on the site

The other is Casting a Canon, this depicts early industry In the royal arsenal.


The Ferry Steps

Enderby Wharf, Greenwich, 2001

The ferry steps at Enderby Wharf had fallen into ruin and I was commissioned to rebuild them. They were originally there for access to a ferry to take passengers to cargo ships. I rebuilt the steps in wood and carved in relief a history of Enderby Wharf. Whaling and the loading of transatlantic cables are just some of the varying history of the wharf that I depicted. 

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Rising Moon

China, 2001

This sand sculpture was created on a symposium on a beach in Southern China. 

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London, 2001

A trawler carved ion a residency for St Andrew’s School, Islington.

Carved from Forest of Dean Sandstone. 

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Hills and Trees

China, 1999

Carved from a single block of granite 4.2m long while on a symposium in Guilin, China PR.

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Reclining Woman

Brazil, 1994

Carved from St Bees Sandstone for the British Embassy residency building, Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

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