Stranded Bears


I had been making sculpture from news paper images since 2007. In 2009 I did a drawing of a Polar bear the corresponding article was on global warming.

The sculpture Stranded bears 2012; two polar bears stranded on a eroding ice berg, modelled in clay with plastic bottles and cartons added to make up the submerged part of the ice berg and the whole cast in to plaster.

Walrus 2016; is also modelled in clay with plastic bottles and polystyrene pressed in to the mass of clay and cast in to plaster.

I am trying to create contemporary images of these animals and their environment.    



"My work is image based expressing in the physicality of the material an essential quality of the idea. The tactile 
quality of my work, the process of its making, being evident is important, I would like my work to be seen as if 
the sensation of touch can be experienced visually."

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